On line Critique Groups

I actually, and this is a big deal for me, asked my husband to edit several pages. He himself is a good writer with a distinctive voice, but I have hesitated because I want his critique but don’t want to disappoint him or get discouraged. Does anyone get that?

I am looking up critique groups on line listed in Writers Digest several years ago (February2003) to see if they are still working and will share that with you when I know more. But the article gave some excellent suggestions: There are advantages and disadvantages to critique groups You may develop relationships with other writers that enhance your work.

  1. On line groups deliver rapid feedback to help pinpoint a problem.
  2. You may come across published writers, editors and publishers – someone who might give your writing career a push.
  3. A group is another tool to provide growth.
  4. The quality might be spotty.
  5. Someone may give discouraging advice that might hinder your confidence and encourage doubt about your ability.
  6. The biggest potential threat is computer security. But on line groups might also inhibit plagiarism by having your work submitted with a specific time record.
  7. Interesting option, don’t you think? I will continue with more information next time.

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