“Critter” Groups Revisited

Sorry to be lagging with my blog updates.  Mea culpa. The more I delve into the writing, publishing, and agents, the more I realize how much information is available.  As with most professions, the world of publishing has its own lexicon, acronyms, and resources.  It boggles my mind.

RE: “Critters,” ie. on-line critique groups: the May-June Writers Digest issue has top notch suggestions for writers on genres, tips and advice from published writers and agents, jobs and markets. “Critter” groups request requirements from the submitter and what to expect in return.  Check it out.

I’m itching to snoop around at the suitable ones for me. Finding a balance of actually writing or blogging, tweeting, and reading about writing is a challenge. Back to on-line groups: the number one requirement for helpful feedback and building relationship within a site is to send proofread copies that have been cleaned up.  Then, return the favor for others by doing critiques, yourself.

I believe it is equally important to send a thank you and hear criticisms graciously and wait to stomp your foot later. (Good prep for agent feedback, right?)

Is anyone supporting their project writing with freelancing? We would love to hear more!  Quote of the day: A goal without a plan is merely a dream.

Your comments are valuable to us!


One thought on ““Critter” Groups Revisited

  1. Like you, it’s difficult to find a balance between writing, reading for pleasure, reading for writing improvement, reading for research, blogging, and making myself and my household ready for the unsuspecting public. I used to try and get involved in online writing groups; I still run a forum for writers on a British website, fielding all questions to do with grammar, syntax, linguistics, etc.; but I soon realized that such online interaction was a lot more work than value for me as a writer. I’m largely a self-taught person, and a voracious learner; I edit, translate (German into English), and have a better idea of where my own weaknesses are than I’ve been able to find online. Searching for the right chemistry with another writer / critter online has so far been unsuccessful, yet finding an English writers’ group where I live (Switzerland) is fairly impossible… so I continue to write in my own little world, hoping to find a promotional manager to take on that task! Hoping, and searching, I might add – as you said, a goal without a plan is merely a dream! I’m working on my fifth novel, so the plan’s working so far! 😉

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