Vacation and Writing Goals

Writing while away from home is good news and bad news for me. Laughter, new experiences, exploring with 5 other women brightens life. Additionally, I am away from the everyday distractions: spouse, phone, TV, pets, and the noisiest interrupter, the house “shoulds.” A home talks, nags, and constantly reminds a woman what she needs to do: “You’re out of milk.” “Look at the dust on the refrigerator.” “The bathrooms need cleaning, etc.“

On vacation those issues evaporate, yay, but wait, new distractions emerge.

“Let’s go for a walk. “

“Who wants to go to Starbucks with me?”

“Who’s cooking dinner tonight.”

“Shopping, anyone?”

Get the picture? Consequently, I have made a schedule adjustment for this vacation time. Getting behind on my goals would be frustrating and unproductive.

My writing goals, while basking in the sun, include the following: write everyday; have fun; go with the flow of the group, walk or swim, tweet and blog. Incorporating a vacation and composing is possible, right? (Maybe I could get used to this!)

If you want to check out my novel blog, Torn Apart: a Novel based on a True Story of WWII and Rescued Lipizzaner Horses, I value your thoughts.

Thank you. Have a great week and welcome spring ‘s progress.


2 thoughts on “Vacation and Writing Goals

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