And so the Story goes …

I regret to report that I am still waiting for the return of my detailed critique.  I will try to explain the pain in regaling such patience.

3-29-15 / Sunday

Deadline came and went receiving nary a word with awaited for constructive criticism.

3-30-15 / Monday

Trauma by way of mental anguish having waited over 2 months to receive Query letter, Synopsis and 1st chapter back before re-submitting to other agencies, contests, etc. with needed fixes. (Yes, I promise I am working other projects, but slowly dy – ing as each minute ticks by.)

3-31-15 / Tuesday

Still no e-mail in either box, chewed nails to nubbins, finished 1 gallon of coffee ice-cream, 1 pint of tequila, smoked 1st pack of cherry-cigarillos. (Not really, but it still could happen.)

4-1-15 / Wednesday

In between – jumping between – in boxes, I consider possible options… #1 Call company who offered class/No offered phone number-Only generic comment box… #2 Call the agency directly and look a fool??  (I chose option 1.)

4-2-15 / Thursday

Now there is no critique in either e-mail or response from said company I paid fee to, so I…Chose option 2 using phone number that was on my received submission and, of course, instead of talking to secretary for agency, this happens to be agent’s personal voicemail.  (Look a fool, completed.)

4-3-15 / Friday

In the wee A.M Hours-No returned phone call from agency; or e-mail inquiry comment from hosted company, or waited for critique.  Pacific Time meridian, so 12 o’clock west coast would be 3 o’clock east coast, most likely end of day considering it is Friday before Easter, and I decided to send an over-apologetic reply e-mail to the web-submission address that confirmed original reception.  (Wow, are you still with me?)

Late Night Friday agent repliesAGENT replies via e-mail kindly and sincerely that they need a couple more days.

4-6-15 / Monday

In the afternoon I receive e-mail response from comment box submission/hosted company replied-did you check junk mail??  (No help to be had here and a whole lotta too late.)

Is there a moral here?  I am not sure as I am still in the hold pattern, but at least the gracious agent responded.  The hesitancy in contacting any of these avenues comes directly from social media comments – about how authors screw themselves by not following proper protocols.

Recently, one example in particular was, an aspiring writer had over 100 agent e-mail addresses in the send to box depersonalizing their submission to each and every one, an instant rejection and possible black-list.  (The joke being this poor soul would definitely need a pen name now.)

The second example was during #PITMAD where an aspiring writer tweeted a negative and UN-professional comment to a requesting agency and then was warned publicly to follow proper etiquette.

The third example could now be…me??  How an over-anxious, wanna-be published and represented author couldn’t hold her horses – say it isn’t so!  Hopefully, it will just be added into my critique notes on, “How to avoid rookie mistakes when submitting to agents.”

Write On – ❤ Jessica

3 thoughts on “And so the Story goes …

  1. This is interesting. I imagine myself feeling just these emotions and so many more were I to put myself through something like this. I choose the self publishing route simply because I prefer to wallow in my own failure instead of actually being told “you suck” by a publisher. I also think my grammar sucks as I have never “passed” a writing assessment for a job which required such.

    Any pointers for a grammatically incorrect aspiring publisher who entertains the thought of submitting a synopsis and first chapter?

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  2. I weep for you the walrus said,
    I deeply sympathise …

    But I have a feeling you’ll be fine and dandy. The deal is just around the proverbial corner. But I really DO known just how it is… sheer bloody emotional torture … 😬😈😥😠😕😑🎲 … the whole ruddy gauntlet.
    All will be well.(Stephen King actually papered a wall with rejection slips.

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