Want a Kick in the Booty?

One of the last blogs I wrote expressed my frustration with recurring brain freeze and scheduling techniques to uproot my procrastination. I’m recovering from the “P” word. Following Jessica’s routine, the morning begins with writing. Not only am I entrenched with my story, but also I am creating an atmosphere that supports my goals. I’m pleased.

I want to add another “P” stopper: myriad resources available for all of us who have writing goals. Abundant resources help me. Several books have stirred my creative pot. I referred to Karen S. Wiesner, whom I think provides brilliant techniques and allows pages to print to help us with organisation aka procrastination.

Another resource I keep close to my computer is writer Cheryl St. John’s, Writing with Emotion, Tension, and Conflict. She includes rules (for guidance and thought,) and examples from her own works as well as other authors. Whatever genre you write in, the rules are true. You want your reader to continue reading.

Rule Number One: a story is feelings. Keep your readers wanting more. What’s at stake for your character? Provide tension by throwing situations that arouse your character’s emotions. What are the individuals’ motivations, fatal flaws, and “showing” how these might direct their actions and choices?

Each of us wants our readers to care! Writers are attached to their characters and don’t necessarily provide a resolution we readers approve, but they show natural consequences for plot and outcomes. Characters will give us “directions.”

I surprise myself with how characters “direct” me. Once my muse takes over, I see how individuals behave and my writing goes more smoothly. Oprah had a book club on her show. She invited a group who had read the chosen book and also the author. On more than one occasion someone would ask a question such as, “Why did you do that to your character?” The a author regularly answered,  “I don’t know why that happened. They took me there. I was sad, too.”

I get it. When you are IN the characters‘ minds, they are in control and the story spins where they choose.

We do have control in creating characters, the plot, the back-story, the tensions, emotions, and conflicts, but be prepared for their spin.

Thank you for reading our blog!