A Villain Emerges

After revisiting the historical events prior and during Musa and Ferenc’s escapes, I now realize that WW II was an actual character. The war has all the criteria of the villain: vile, greedy, destructive, and a killer of thousands.

Wow. What an epiphany for this writer. I have been concerned for a time which war events I’d weave through the story without overwhelming the reader with facts. Well, doesn’t it make sense that the war would be another character with effects on these people in a diabolical way? Will that view enhance my writing.? I hope so.

When you think of a villain, what characteristics does she/he/it demonstrate? an antagonist for the heroes; morally reprehensible, so wicked that the motto would be “the end justifies the means?” Machiavellian, indeed.

This villain has hundreds and thousands of faces, but many were more victims rather than truly evil. Propaganda from both sides was a well-used tool to manipulate people to do things they would never have done on their own. Why did Musa and Ferenc support Germany to the near end? What pivotal events unfold to bring about their escape and realization of evil?

I would appreciate your thoughts.

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Under the Microscope: Innocence

This service is absolutely, positively amazing! What a fantastic opportunity and blog! When recently at a writer’s conference this is precisely the advice a panel of agents gave when reading out loud first pages of manuscripts and when they would quit reading. In this audience, of approximately 100 people, only 1 person made it through the 1st page of their work. The panel would raise their hands to show us where they would throw the page out and quit reading the submission. The majority of work being discarded during the first to third sentences; a few made it beyond the 1st paragraph. The lucky ones made it beyond the third paragraph. They instilled the importance of 1st sentence, 1st paragraph, 1st page! Thank you for offering this brilliant advice to so many of us hopefuls! Incredible blog!