Support System

Okay, okay! I need a daily goal and blocked time to write. I had a rough health patch last week and a half, and, while lying in bed watching inane television, the realization hit me over the head: MAKE a schedule and daily goal and stick to it. Yes, I also know that “life happens” and adjustments can be made. So, Plan Ahead! Write at a different time of day or write more if the time slot can’t be ameliorated. I’m listening.

I have mentioned what an effective co-writer Jessica is. She never lets me down. She takes my suggestions even when I don’t. If you follow her blog, “Send Sunshine,” you know how positive her outlook on life and writing remains. She IS sunshine. Thus, I am going to enlist her help in specific ways: making a weekly schedule and setting a goal for each day; holding my toes to the fire since she will have the schedule; continue her pats on the back when I succeed. I treasure having her in my life as a partner in crime and dear friend. We have been friends since she was 13.

That brings up the issue of a writer’s solitary life. Writing is lonely. Consider finding your own writing companion close to home or across the globe. One of the reasons for going to writers’ conferences is to find a like-minded writer pal. You can tweet, email, or Face Book each other for an “Atta boy” or “Atta girl” enriching the writing experience.

Try it. Our collegial alliance mutually promotes each other’s skills, and our varying skills complement us.

Thank you for following!


5 thoughts on “Support System

  1. What I find that helps is to.have.a specific time of day I have real early morning or in the afternoon,if it’s another person I guess it’s the same
    Thank you for your like
    As always Sheldon


  2. I like the idea of a writing partner as it is a lonely activity. There are no hard and fast answers of course as we all write in differing circumstances. I have a cat called Halo Solero. He often sits on or near my writing board while I’m working and he purrs encouragement. We also have a gentleman’s agreement : If you refrain from pissing over my work then I won’t shoot you. I have yet to piss on his work.
    All the very best.


  3. Don’t be discouraged and accountability is so helpful. I have my writing partner and when we’re feeling down about writing, we try to cheer each other up. And yes life most definitely gets in the way! My writing partner always tells me “the laundry and dishes can wait” lol


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