How to discover your writing genre

If you are struggling to find out your specific genre, check this out too! Thank you to Ryan and Jean for helping us find this!

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What genre is your writing?

Thanks to Ryan over at A Writer’s Path for mentioning Literary Rejections.

The post explaining in detail the definition of each genre, is just one of the many posts over at Literary Rejections with a wealth of information for writers.

Hop over and find out which genre is right for you.

Hmm, so much to read, so little time.

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Choosing a Genre—Anatomy of a Best-Selling Story Part 7

Thanks again Kristen!
Team this is phenomenal advice. When headed to our first big conference the one thing the whole lot of us found out was we had our genres WRONG. It is very important that you slot yourself properly so you can talk to the right people, this happens before they even see your work. Not a big deal? Not so, this is a VERY big deal.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.42.33 AMUnderstanding structure helps us write cleaner and faster. Whether we plan every detail ahead of time or just intuitively have the architecture in our head, structure makes the difference between a workable first draft and a nightmare beyond salvage.

I know a lot of you are chomping at the bit right now to get writing. All in due time. Today we are going to talk genre and why it is important to pick one.

Understanding what genre you are writing will help guide you when it comes to plotting your novel. How? Each genre has its own set of general rules and expectations. 

If we don’t pick or we get too weird, we will confuse agents and readers because there is no clear idea of where this sucker should be shelved. It will also make plotting more than problematic.

Fifteen years ago, when I first got this brilliant idea to…

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