Helpful Writing Stimuli

I am learning to play different kinds of music depending on what book chapter I’m writing: Rachmaninoff’s All Night Vigil and Prelude#1 and Brahms Nocturne in g minor are effective listening for war scenes. When I listen to 1930s and 1940s Great Vocal Big Bands, I envision happy occasions. Narrow Stairs from Death Cab for Cutie works with imminent danger. Love scenes flow with anything Phil Collins. When Musa, one of the main characters, shows her temper, heavy metal does wonders for dialogue tempo. Playful moments invite Katy Perry’s exuberance. Most beneficial is that my muse shows up faster using different music.

Another device is the use of lighting. Ambient lighting versus full spectrum light changes moods. I might write with candle light for a particular part of the book. Perhaps you relish certain aromas when writing. Marcel Proust wrote conceptually of smells evoking memory in Remembrances of Things Past. If I can keep from being distracted or from eating, I’d bake cookies and let their scent support a dinner scene. Scented candles work well, too.

Pick an emotion and find music or lighting or scents for stimulating creative juices. It’s an enjoyable way to break through a writing fog.

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Gravatar-Part Deux

I have to admit I quite enjoyed my original post on the importance of Gravatars (it was the 80’s hair band collage) in this world of cyber-space. The importance of bringing a personal perspective to what is almost impersonal. And because of a writer’s conference class I attended speaking specifically on the importance of online presence and peppering that miniature baby everywhere you went. Especially, on your blog/website and making an appearance on others.

It’s like BAM here I am! BAM here I am again, and suddenly we feel like we know each other and vise-versa.

When we make ourselves seen, and our presence felt enough, our voice can be heard without using any words.

And the biggest reason I wanted to write Part Deux, forgetting the most important point that I wanted to make originally, (I somehow got caught up in all that hair) is that I look for you by that tiny representation. Your image whatever it might be when you hit the like button, and there you are — making me smile. It is a refreshing, breathtaking reminder of the time you have taken to say hello.

And I will admit…I fall in love a little with each of you.

Write On! ❤ Jessica