Gravatar-Part Deux

I have to admit I quite enjoyed my original post on the importance of Gravatars (it was the 80’s hair band collage) in this world of cyber-space. The importance of bringing a personal perspective to what is almost impersonal. And because of a writer’s conference class I attended speaking specifically on the importance of online presence and peppering that miniature baby everywhere you went. Especially, on your blog/website and making an appearance on others.

It’s like BAM here I am! BAM here I am again, and suddenly we feel like we know each other and vise-versa.

When we make ourselves seen, and our presence felt enough, our voice can be heard without using any words.

And the biggest reason I wanted to write Part Deux, forgetting the most important point that I wanted to make originally, (I somehow got caught up in all that hair) is that I look for you by that tiny representation. Your image whatever it might be when you hit the like button, and there you are — making me smile. It is a refreshing, breathtaking reminder of the time you have taken to say hello.

And I will admit…I fall in love a little with each of you.

Write On! ❤ Jessica

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