Choosing a P.O.V.—What is BEST for YOUR Story? Structure Part 9

Okay, WOW!
Kristen where have you been all my life? I admit, I am quite naive and freshly born into making an actual go at what is my, ‘dream’. To not only finish writing a novel, but see several make it to the light of day as the rest of the hallucinating world. For the past year-and-a-half, I have surrounded myself with incredible, brilliant, educated educators, and we critique weekly. I boldly sat and read romance to women who had yet to read such fluff. Not once, did POV come up until I sent my manuscript out to Beta readers. Guess who is a head-hopper? Yeah, me…This whole time I thought I was writing third-person omniscient.
I guess I have something new to share with the group. Gag, Gag…me dying here, people. Oh and I also learned (in my short life span of self-imposed idiocy) that agents are quite finicky in having you know what genre your current work resides, precisely. Romantic Fantasy was not where my story sat, but pitching to agents and looking a fool is where this tidbit came from, and my genre correctly explained was Paranormal Romance.
Such a beginner am I. Gracious me; I do so love life!
Details, Details – Write on! ❤ Jessica

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Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 5.35.06 PM This is my Upside-Down-Face

P.O.V. is a word that throws many new authors into panic. What is THAT? Prisoners of Vietnam? Pets of Vegans? Pals of Viagra? P.O.V. stands for Point of View. Traditionally, I’ve not included this lesson in my teachings on structure, but I am amending that since P.O.V. will affect structure.

The structure of a novel written in first person is very different than a novel using multiple third-person P.O.V. characters. Scenes will need a different kind of balancing, so choosing a P.O.V. should not be taken lightly. Yes, often choice of P.O.V. will come from author voice, but not always. Sometimes genre might influence our decisions as well.

Thus, today, we are going to whiz through Kristen’s P.O.V. Spark Notes.

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