Back to the Editing Process

Last week I mentioned writers should be careful with whom you ask to read your work.

Not everyone would choose to read your genre. How could they be able to give anything beyond a superficial review? They might feel confused about what to comment. The comfort zone for most volunteer readers (or some who receive compensation) is to gravitate toward punctuation and spelling. That is the last of the editing process according to Gabriella Pereira in September 2015 “Writers Digest.“ This is the “cosmetic” stage, and it is the final editing focus. Surprised?

Give your reviewer specific direction. Depending on where you are in your rewrites, you might want a review of characters, or plot and structure. An editor, without direction might be overwhelmed

When requesting a first read from someone you respect, ask that person to review your point of view for consistency. A reliable point of view is paramount to a well-written novel. Who is telling the story? How much is shared with the reader? Do you “jump heads” inappropriately? (I’m still working on that issue and don’t find the incongruence without assistance.) Everything is about the reader. Remember?

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