Flawed Characters vs. Too Dumb to Live—What’s the Difference?

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Just a quick reminder that I am running my log-line class again. Often synopses are a nightmare for writers simply because they cannot stateย simply what their story is about. If we donโ€™t know what our story is about, then revisions are hell because it is virtually impossible to discern what should stay and what should be CUT. Everyone who signs up gets their plot shaved down to ONE sentence, so hope to see you guys there! Sign up HERE.ย  The recording is included and if you canโ€™t make the day of class, I will still repair your log-line ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Moving onโ€ฆ

Which is more important? Plot or character? Though an interesting discussionโ€”sort of like, Could Ronda Rousey take a Klingon with only her bare hands?โ€”it isnโ€™t really a useful discussion for anything other than fun. To write great fiction, we need both. Plot and characters workโ€ฆ

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