Writers Conference

We head out today to another writing conference. The last one was what prompted the beginning of this blog. The variety of presentations boggle the mind and choosing for each time slot is overwhelming. I look forward to this with anticipation since last year’s gave me edifying information. When you await all of the last day’s sessions with a 2 hour drive ahead, you know the conference was great.

Figuring out what I want to take away from it this year is the issue. My learning curve was a straight line last August. One agent asked me what my platform was and I had no idea what that meant. Duh! What was frustrating is that the agents I saw, including disagreeing adamantly what genre my work would be labeled, asked for pages but never acknowledged them. I asked a program administrator if agents were encouraged to ask for more. He claimed not, but the requests would up the satisfaction factor for the participants.

So, off Jessica and I go! Wish us luck!


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