Editing for Someone Else

You are an author if only one person reads your work.

I have been invited to read the manuscript of a sister of a friend. Here is the kerfuffle: should I attend to characters, plot, punctuation, point of view, or the plot flow and character development? I don’t know the author and haven’t heard which she prefers. So, I am reading for story. Is it captivating? What’s the hook (or hooks?)? Then I plan to set up a review with her.

The specificity of the edit is so important. To read for all of the above is daunting, and I want to do what’s most helpful for her. She has a novel idea: an allegory, and I am captivated by her story. So much so that I have been pulled between my own writing and reading her manuscript

If we write, we are authors. When frustrated, I try to remember that.

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