The Help of Others

Over the past years of working on my novel, Torn Apart, many people have stepped up with contacts for research, WWII buffs, horse owners, and other topics that link to my book. Some of the folks were mere acquaintances and, even strangers, who provided me with names of their friends to contact, one as far away as Missouri. At coffee at our local coffee shop, one person overheard details in the story, and gave me a horse owner lead. A former student of mine all grown up, followed through with author numbers. (He asked this particular author if I might phone him.) How I have appreciated them all.

I am challenged on many fronts with my title, format, and characters, and historical accuracy. I love to hear all comments. I cannot deny how much this novel is cowritten with the generosity of others.

Thank you to agents, editors, fellow writers and encouragers, and those willing to spend time talking to me whatever their criticism or question. I want to delight you all with a solid, well-written novel.

Sooner than later, I hope.

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