Writing and Good Distractions

Most writers have thoughts constantly running through their heads whether pressing keys or using pen and paper. I cut out an article on ways to move from one side of the brain to the other that suits me just fine, thank you! “J is for Jigsaw Puzzles” by Janice Erlbaum. (Forgive me, Janice. I didn’t note the resource.)  She suggested these puzzles as a way to move out of one part of the brain to the other. I loved the description of placing a new piece as “a small hit of dopamine.”

Although I might daydream about burning the whole lot in a bonfire, my husband and I have a puzzle available to taunt or delight us regularly. Being a writer does not mean I have written a certain number of words, most of it resides in my head long before I hit the computer. If not too frustrating, I can make order out of chaos. (I wish I could do that with my closets and author area), but my mind has a needed break.

Have you who do jigsaw puzzles observed that the tiniest of details are revealed with the final pieces? Hmm, much as character flaws and characteristics do.

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