A NaNoWrMo Day in September

I’m seated with a laptop at an institutional Formica covered table in our local library. Why? I’m trying to get something done! The weather here is beyond gorgeous: warm, sunny, a touch of fall, and coloring leaves as evidence of autumn. Are you getting my drift? Yup. I’d love to walk on the beach or grab a cup of coffee to enjoy outside or be anywhere but here at this moment.

My writing buddy is disciplined and organized. Me? Not so much. Hail Jessica!

Perfectionism is leering at me and has shared some crappy character assessments. Years ago I entered NaNoWrMo and fell in love with producing 1665 words a day fearlessly and without self-criticism. Looking back at those pages, I have actually found redeemable prose. So. What’s the hold up now, missy?

I am trying to “build my platform” with blogging, tweeting and facebooking without finishing more important writing: the Novel! My essential problem is fear. I am close to “getting ‘er done” but fear it won’t be “good enough.” There. I said it!

My new practice is “just write!” Make every day a NaNoWrMo day. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for following!


2 thoughts on “A NaNoWrMo Day in September

  1. I’m thinking about doing NaNoWriMo for the first time this year. Do you recommend it? Personal Pros and Cons?
    I understand the frustration of platform building. I started building mine last fall and one year later, it’s the best I can do to blog in spurts. However, I found I had to ignore the entire platform idea to write. I think having an author’s platform makes more sense once you have a finished product.


    1. Hi Maria-
      Wow this got lost in the vault, sorry. 😦 Sandi and I probably have varying opinions on this subject. Hence our partnership. While she finds it an ultimate time consumer, my words not hers. I, Jessica, find it to be a necessary element in this branding of our own selves. For me it has helped me gain a voice to advocate my own work, etc. But my main blog has no real connection to my book. I took the opposite angle approach. We both did not complete NaNo this year although we had hoped to be achievers. In the end, we have to listen and do what works for us without unrealistic expectations. And how we can comfortably work blogging into our schedules. If you blog once a month is better than once a year, it is the rules of engagement you must be prepared for to gain your following and follow through. We too are bumbling through. 🙂


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