IMG_1371On Saturday, I attended a book promotion for a friend who has published: Diana Polisensky. She is on Amazon’s recommended new books, Whitewashed Jacarandas. She and I have shared the loneliness of writing, the “I’ll never  be done,” I wish I had a good answer to “When is your book going to be finished?” from well-meaning friends. She blogged regularly. She gathered pictures from family collections and talked to those who remembered growing up in former Rhodesia, Africa,(Zimbabwe, currently).

She did it!

Seeing her enthusiasm at having books to sell encouraged me in the best of ways.  The heavy duty work begins after the book is completed. The process is time-consuming. She had told me a few years ago that the ongoing process had been close to 30 years. Writing to publish is a time eater: writing, revising, revising again, attending writers’ conferences, sending out query letters, and, most important, missing social functions. She has been stalwart, and the commitment has paid off. Check it out on Amazon!