Deprivation and Conflict

We live surrounded by plenty. When considering the lives of our characters and their conflicts, an element of deprivation is obvious or hiding beneath the surface. It might be loss of a loved one to another person or death, or loss of shelter and food. The possibilities are endless and in any story.

As writers we pull from our own life events and emotions.

Both characters (in my novel based on a true story) suffer. Their basic needs after leaving Budapest are day-to-day struggles to survive.

Reality hit me in the chin this past several days. My family has a well that has never failed us, but we have not had running water since the 11th of October. Our artesian well is dry, and our professionals have told us that this will remain an issue until we have a foot of rain accumulate. Oregon has had the least rainfall in history of record keeping, over 120 years. Soggy Oregon has definitely not been soggy this year.

Okay, enough of our personal kerfuffle. This experience has amplified my comprehension of their plight escaping in the dead of winter leaving security and bounty behind. What does one do when what they have assumed to “always be available” disappears?

Story is relating conflict and how it impacts one’s characters and their transformation for either good or evil.

Our lives of plenty might numb us from other possibilities. Give yourself chances to imagine life in your characters’  world under duress/CONFLICT , then

Write On!!!