What do your characters believe?

How do your characters change?

Have you noticed how quickly the world changes? The various media alerts us to world issues: wars, injustices, violence, politics, and insipid “families” who have nothing “news worthy” except big butts and inner family conflict. Who watches, listens, responds, or, most critical, is influenced?

What was life like when the immediacy of world information, both trivial and important, didn’t arrive until a week or weeks later? News was relevant but generally late and passed on from one to another like playing “phone.”

Our modern day pace is outrageous for most of us, and the dependence on one and only one point of view is predictable. We cannot keep up. There’s not enough time in a day. Our brains tend to believe what we hear first, as far back as parents. When an abundance of opinions rattle around our brains, many of us grab the first bit of advice and hang on for dear life. I know what I’ve been told (and even if I don’t remember where I learned it,) our mantra becomes, “I can’t hear you“or Don’t confuse me with the facts.”

My characters grew up in the 20s, 30s, and 40s. The only difference between views then or now is more information is available sooner for us. Musa and Ferenc were not willing to give up on what they believed in lieu of the evidence. They were told that Germany would be the victor. They struggled with each other and with their beliefs until the last minute to escape.

Have you ever wondered what we believe firmly that might take us down?

Go NaNoWriMo-ers! Yahoo!


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