My husband and I have been “surviving” without running water since October 11, 2015. This will not be a whining session. I promise!

The jewels we will remember are uplifting, We are staring down 31 days without our home showers, dish washer, toilet flushes by handle, washing machines, and, although frustrated with the progress and expense, we smile most days. Why? We have had our eyes opened to two important realizations: the goodness in people and our need to prepare and conserve conscientiously.

The number one gift has been the generosity of neighbors and friends. Our “neighborhood” is a rebellious lot from a “growing” entrepreneur, an organic gardener who raises varieties of vegetables and fruit not usually grown here, an extended family that marches to its own drummer, and we retired folk plodding along thirsty and not “fresh as a daisy”.

Every service professional, 11 as of today, has been professional and determined to solve the water kerfuffle. When their part was completed, several have called to check in on our progress.

Thankfully my husband and I have grasped the concept of control being an illusion, (at least for the time being.) Although we aren’t as in charge as we had hoped, the lessons about need and want ring true. How many impulse buys have my husband and I given into? Have we saved enough readily available cash for an emergency? Do we have freeze-dried meals purchased and stashed in a “bug out bag” for each of us, water, a first aid kit? (All of the information is available from the Red Cross and other sources.)

We Americans are surrounded by abundance we believe will always be there. Our water has been a constant for our use for 20 years. We took it for granted and then it disappeared. What about technology, electricity, medical care availability? The entitlement Americans think they have could be dashed with a major storm or epic event.

Musa and Ferenc didn’t adequately plan for their retreats. And certainly not in time! They believed their lives would proceed as always: safe, wealthy professionals with a future in Budapest, Hungary.

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