We Plan, God laughs

Well, now, NaNoWriMo writers still hanging in! Great work! Having done this once before, I know what a fabulous feeling being this far along gives you. You have EVERY RIGHT to boast, holler and taunt those of us who have NOT continued. That would be me, myself and I.

One of my favorite tweets was, “The reason must be bigger than the excuses.” So wouldn’t you believe I wouldn’t give you any excuses? Nah!  I am not walking the talk—just talking.My doozie reason for dropping out of NaNoWriMo this year  is not having water for 31 days. So, big deal, some of you might say. Here’s what I discovered: not being able to drink from the faucet, wash dishes without heating purchased water or that from neighbors and friends and having a clean rinse bucket takes up more energy and time than I had thought. Add shlepping to the laundromat with adequate change, soap,  loads sorted into trash bags, waiting for the various machines to complete their cycles, unloading them into the dryers, and waiting for clothes to dry. A chore I could do between writing and housework took 2+ hours. Wanh, Wanh, Wanh!

What did happen was a huge appreciation for all we have in this country and all that I had taken for granted. Plus, because we had to go to the gym to shower, my husband is working out again. We’ve made friendships and renewed old ones. Even though I haven’t written many chapters during this past month,  I wouldn’t have missed this experience given a choice, well, maybe the cost?

Thanks for hanging in with our blog. We appreciate your feedback.



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