December 24, 1944 and 2015

War of two different kinds — World War II and Terrorism have made normal life challenging in different ways. Musa and Ferenc were forced to leave their home, employment and family. Fear for their lives as Russians approached the city of Budapest in the final Siege of Budapest and forced escapes. They went different ways on Christmas Eve. Was this a futile attempt?


In 2015 our lives are filled with fear about attacks potentially from Al Qaeda or Isis, road rage, packages stolen from doorsteps,  the neighbors who irritate, climate change and its repercussions, and numerous personal issues. What is the difference between these two periods in time?  Fear is fear, you say? Our fears today are random ones spurred on by media, and we may never have to face them personally.  All issues have importance, but we have choices whether to live in fear or not. Musa and Ferenc did not.

Musa and Ferenc in Torn Apart, have no choice except to leave or die. Hopefully, the book will be available in 2016. Awww, promises, promises…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for following us.


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