Humility … Now that is a Good Look #AmWriting

I have joined a new group, yes, another, but this time, listen to their name … Insecure Writers Support Group … the IWSG now these peeps have got it going on.

Insecure Writers Support Group Badge.jpg



This everlasting quest of mine to become better, to write clearer, to bring my stories to life, has brought me to toil away long hours and as such I can say I am over advice from other, would be, wannabes. (well maybe not everyone) While I have gluttonously devoured as many words and articles as I have caffeine and crumb cake, now, I lay back numb.

homer1.pngUnless you can offer up your degree on semantics, literature or your bank statement with quarterly infusions of royalties, I must digress. I do this for sanity, because as I see you, I am in truth looking back at me, but this ego of yours has gotten in the way.

And at one time I saw you as …


I am a member of several writing organizations and in each of these, there are many, exceptionally talented artists who have published, or have not, and their written work is noteworthy. They may not be Danielle Steel or John Grisham or J.K. Rowling, yet. But, the majority of individuals are just like me, the average ordinary, struggling Joe/Jane.

These groups hold writing events, paid for contests, dangling carrots of possibility to those of us who are hungry for recognition. Volunteers, other would-be contestants, judge these literary wonders until the entry makes it to an upper-level tier where qualified judges, of some degree, take over. Often participants are simply looking for direction, not hopes of the grand prize, but validation.



Unless the contest is judged by note-worthy individuals, like real readers and not participating writers themselves. If the persons judging your work are unknown to you and their credentials, you must take everything with a grain of salt or a shot of whiskey. (must be over the age of 21)


Do Not throw away your manuscript based on these critiques and or their advice to do so. Remember that’s not a tear it is a rising tide, that glass of Jim Beam was not half-empty it’s half full of promise, and you washed it down with determination and integrity.

I have the privilege to read e-mail feeds from the groups I am a member and can join in if I so choose. Not. Recently, I was appalled to read the memo from an unnamed official begging for judges to sign on for an up-coming contest, stating they understood how time-consuming volunteering was, how labor intensive and painful reading amateur-level entries could be.   (Don’t you make me show this to my momma!)

Come again? I wonder if this individual realizes they may have just thumbed their nose at the whole of their fan base? Note to self … add as Twitter friend. We all must start somewhere, and only the eye of the beholder can judge success.


When did this person forget what it was to be humble? Never an amateur was they? Should they be reminded that their readership is paying the bills?

  1. 1.
    having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.
    “he was humble about his stature as one of rock history’s most influential guitarists”

One of my valued peers always says, “If you don’t make yourself a big deal, who will?”

Wise words to a point of contention.


Be brave. Pursue your dreams. Live life well and my personal philosophy is that is one person I will never be. Pick your mentors wisely and just because they look like rock-stars on the internet, does not make it true. Support, good. Obtuse know-it-alls, bad.


Write On! ❤ Jessica

PS…the IWSG does not have a member feed, cleared of implied possible incrimination.

PSS…this writer pleads the 5th, but can produce e-mail if needed in a court of law

10 thoughts on “Humility … Now that is a Good Look #AmWriting

  1. Hadn’t thought of this before, and thank you for your eloquence on the topic. It’s interesting trying to walk the line between arrogant jerk and self-promoter. Although they really didn’t need to put up such a blatant sign of, “I don’t care about amateurs at all.”

    Besides, that word has such a poor connotative rap nowadays, we often forget the word once meant simply a passionate non-professional pursuing a hobby. Without amateurs, there would, in the end, be no professionals. Though that’s just one man’s opinion, of course.

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  2. Whoops! That person kind of stuck their foot in their mouth I see. I’m sure there was a more diplomatic way to encourage judges to join, and it never pays to post in a rush, and I am not quite awake yet and rambling.

    Good day from one of this month’s co-hosts.

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