18 thoughts on “#AmWriting #TilTheWeeHours #OfTheMornin

      1. Haha, that’s awesome. I like to have my coffee by the time work starts at 8am or I’m pretty much a grump for the rest of the day. I feel bad for my coworkers this week.

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    1. You’re one of a kind. Your not afraid to go against the ‘norm’, walking to the beat of your own hum in the head, brandishing your sword of individuality and strength against the evil seeds of coffea. Unique, talented and resolute, proud to be your friend. I take it your not 35 yet, have children or work swing shift?

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      1. I have not worked swing shift, though I’ve worked two jobs, and used my feet as transport to both of them, walking anywhere between six and ten miles a day. I do not have kids yet, and no, I’m not yet 35, however I did my time as a strapped collegiate working to pay as much as I could of my fees before getting out. Didn’t help much, but what else is new?

        To the first segment of your comment, my thanks on the compliments! I do have a cola vice, to a degree, but coffee was off the table as soon as I chose the spiritual path I’m on. Though, yes, I do tend to walk to the beat of the songs in my own head. 😉

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      2. Too much fun! I refused to drink the black scourge for most of my life and then I hit 35 and everything I said I’d never do suddenly I was doing. OY vey! If a pick up a smoke I beg you take off my hand! 😆😳 you have much determination and I wish you only the best!


      3. Life is loads of fun, except the rough days. Speaking of, I’m glad I followed the link-rabbit hole to your blog. I’m always smiling when I get done reading, be it your posts or your comments. Thank you. It makes tough days less tough.

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