Where’s the Beef? Characters

The Super Bowl ads have made commercial history for 50 years. A review of best remembered ones reminded me of the petite grandmother-type viewing her fast food hamburger with disdain and uttering these words, “Where’s the beef?” How might this question relate to writing?

The best questions to ask yourself at any point in your “product’s” process is the following: Are my characters’ behaviours, beliefs, backstories, and personalities substantive enough (ie. beefy) to hold my readers’ attentions? Relatable, that’s the goal: villains, heroes, and support characters  alike.

I struggle with a main character whom I have not integrated in my own mind. Guess what? She doesn’t come alive in print because I don’t relate to her as much as other people in my novel. Unfortunately, she won’t come to life until I write more about her personality and style of living and thinking—whether I include those efforts in the book or not. Otherwise, she will never captivate my readers because she hasn’t captivated me.  I have work to do, You?

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