Great Advice

On a flight last week, I opened a March 2005 issue of Writers’ Digest and gleaned advice for myself. Perhaps one or two thoughts might resonate for you, fellow writer. Several tidbits jumped off the page:

  1. Keep the work momentum going steadily, even if it’s inching along. (Sandra Dark) She mentions a writer who committed to 5 minutes a day to begin her novel. The result was a full novel one bite at a time. Although she started with 5 minutes, before long her own momentum increased the minutes. The point for me is to WRITE EVERY DAY even if it’s only a few minutes.
  2. “I personally believe that perspective or Point of View is the number one style problem for most writers.” (Bob Mayer)  Changing POVs without alerting the reader is a common writing mistake. Evaluate each scene checking for POV consistency. Start a new chapter at switch if necessary. We know what we mean; the reader may not.
  3. RE: Queries and Submissions — the number one mistake is disregarding details in the query letter which implies sloppy writing. Ask for manuscript formatting guidelines. Most publishers have them on their websites or will mail them to you. (Robin M. Hampton)


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