Larry Brooks Rocks

OMG! What did Jessica and I get ourselves into? We are taking a 4 day workshop with our guru, Larry Brooks and his co presenter, Stephanie Blanchard! Hooray!! After a full evening of intensity, we went to our room filled with feelings: excitement and trepidation. Are we going to embarrass ourselves? What will the other participants have to say? What will they be about?

After snagging a cup of Joe, opening our packets and ready with our pens and notebooks, we surveyed the room to check out our fellow writers. Some introduced themselves as traditionally published authors and others, as we are, those wanting to learn and get on with our path to publishing. We independently noticed those who were puffed up and their own best fan and others who were open, vulnerable and willing to share their own foibles and frustrations with their writing experiences.

Hmmm.   Which ones are “safe” and aren’t sizing us up as worthy or unworthy? Aren’t we humorous? The primal urge to protect our underbelly is alive and well,

We’ll keep you informed.


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