What day is it?

Oh’ snap!

It is the first Wednesday of the month and do you know that means? Posting for Insecure Writers Support Group, now why would I be party to such a crowd? Well let me tell you why, writing in general …


A ghastly, not gassy, career choice indeed! And yet an affliction plaguing many. Everyone is a writer, but not everyone has support – so let’s hear if for the club! Open to one and all just skip on over!

Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

Last month, on Wednesday 1 of April, I was honored to be attending a workshop in Portland, Oregon with Larry Brooks and a great number of talented authors. His tutelage should, absolutely, be the 1st letter in the alphabet when thinking about sitting down and penning a spectacular piece of literary art. 

There are many considerations to navigate. Putting one word in front of the other is not the only talent for success. Excitement and common sense have a tendency to cross in the night and end up on Pluto. 


No, I meant the other Pluto…


Yes, space, out there feeling as though we are on top of the world, looking down, smiling, at the quadrillion other inhabitants of earth wishing to pen a quaint novella over their summer break and hit the best-seller charts. 

Well, we really are, out there and beyond, orbiting in the vortex of our minds which is a very dangerous place to be when there is no structure containing context to our top-selling manuscript.


Don’t let the allure of the black hole draw you in, my pretty. 


We were all there once, a scribbling locomotive screaming down the tracks with no abandon.

So because I do this thing so well, yes, I used the word thing, called writer’s interpretation, this post is not even close to what I sat down to write. But since I hope you are loving the spirit, I must inform you of a story coach. (a person with the insight to right all of our head-strong, writerly wrongs) 

She also attended the Portlandia convention as a presenter and her name is Jennifer Blanchard. A young, exceptionally talented rock-star,


not literal rock-star, (That would be David Lee according to this site.)


and remember there is no sustenance in an energy drink, this phenomenal lady is ripping up the Amazon Charts right now with her newest inspiration called Align your Writing Habits to Success –

From procrastinating writer to productive writer in 30 days (or less) 

Goodness, that hurts a little bit, but you know what they say about it not hurting…

NO Pain – No Gain.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in. Let’s give the sister a cheer and follow her lead! Go Jennifer!


If you’d like to save yourself from all of those annoying side-effects to a scribe’s life listed above, then pick up your copy now, and lets get some serious work done. Not that everything you have already scrawled isn’t fabulous because darling you are fabulous!


Oh’ snap, we are wordsmiths-slow that train down and buy Jennifer’s book and don’t forget edit, edit, edit, read, read, read, write smarter…


 #11 how to cure #9

Larry Brooks & Jennifer Blanchard

Write On! ❤ Jessica



4 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. That was me, guilty of mistake #5 and not reading in my genre. I soon learned to ignore that fear and now I not only read in my genre, I watch movies and documentaries and tv series, until they’re coming out my ears. 😮

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