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Can this day, seriously, be the first Wednesday of the month? The very first day of June just happens to fall on a Wednesday? Well, of course, the answer is yes, and good motivation for me to hut one, hut two, get it into gear and get moving!


 (I couldn’t resist. I’m not a fan of ‘said’ above team, go ahead, hate. I am prepared.)

The real topic, not football, I would like to talk about is our feelings? How do you feel about author New Release posts? Yes, the possibly annoying feed we receive when our WordPress Author friends have recently unveiled a new title in their bookshelf or a recent accomplishment. Are you happy, mad, irritated? Truthfully, do your eyes squint, get misty or grow red? Does a sad little smile quiver on your lips, filled with best wishes but reminding you of your-not quite yets? Does your chest clench or are those your fists under that desk? Now, hear the voice of your favorite evil character …

“Look into my eyes, child, and tell me how you really feel?”


I am doing honest research.

As I sit and watch the hundreds of feeds over the past year and a half, those particular articles don’t seem the most successful? Am I right? Many author pages just hang, blank. I see millions of hours put into these posts, yet, reception seems a bit cold. Or is that the Artic wind blowin’ round here…if you get what I mean?

giphy-cold wind.gif

The task of building an author’s platform is daunting. Understanding and knowing that the largest piece of marketing, your awesome self, is well, up to you. Recognizing there are no other options, eventually, mustering the courage, and, while at first joyful and exhilarating, the mission is gosh-darned difficult! (Since we are being honest in this essay, I will tell you I really wanted to use profanity in that last sentence, but my granddaughter is working at her desk next to me. And of course, I read everything out loud.)


Let’s see you upset this sweet lil’ tattle-tale, she’s daring you.

Okay, back on subject…

Why is that?


Since we all GET IT why are we not ultra supportive? Reading, leaving reviews? Everything we would hope our peeps would, in return, do for us? Just curious, putting it out there to ponder. I see the cliques work together, the friend of a friend’s friend, but even their shout outs are quite lackluster. Is that not our thing? As bloggers? No cliquishness? Just asking…

As a word freak, I will say in blatant unwavering tongues that if I see another article on the proper usage of present and past tenses I will jab this crazy sharp pencil, with a definite attitude, into my eye.


No, I really won’t, but jeez whiz, I’d rather go eat…

 cheez whiz.jpeg

Enough is Enough…I know you feel my point. (It just happens…)

Oh’ goodness, wait! The last tidbit before I bore you any longer is the ‘donation’ thing…would you rather see a tip jar? I really am curious how you feel about these, too? I’d personally rather buy a book, a tangible. No? Are we not all working our hardest to earn a living? What am I tipping you for? Did you serve me up some new regurgitated advice with a side of whizziness?

It’s time to end this…Authors, Writers, Poets, and Dear Friends keep fighting the good fight, your work is valuable, I appreciate everything you have done and how hard you are working at a job that sometimes feels…well, hopeless, but don’t give in! You know the lyrics…”Let it snow, let it snow…” Elsa take it away GIRL!


Write On! ❤ Jessica

16 thoughts on “Let’s talk #Serious

    1. I’m there with you, I am indeed! Yet I have seen some fairly successful authors with little support from the community and it makes me curious? It is very possible they do not interact with their aimed audience members and feel posting is enough. A lesson, I would imagine, for those of us who would follow. Thank you for your input! Always light, always love!


  1. I support all bloggers, turned authors, not because I EXPECT the same people to support me, but because I do hope for support from somewhere in the future when I release my next book. I hope this makes sense. I believe that you have to give what you want (e.g., support=support). I also support those bloggers cause I’ve been following them for so long either hearing about or watching their crafts improve, so it’s kinda cool. As far as “tip jars” go, I put that in the same category as GoFundMe…simply a little annoying.

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    1. I appreciate you taking the time to comment! I hear you and agree, it’s fun to get honest feedback and perspectives. I got nervous that I actually used the word Expect, that can only lead one direction, lol. I love the blogging community-it’s just hard to see some sites not receiving kudos and then disappearing all together.💛

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  2. I actually like reading the marketing efforts of fellow Indie writers. Maybe that’s because I’m getting ready to launch my first fiction book. I want to see what works for others. I also usually buy their book–to support their effort. I’m not doing this hoping the favor will be returned-I know from experience that doesn’t work–just doin’ it.

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  3. I love reading about authors new releases. I have dreams of publishing a book, one day, myself. I love how people write and I love peering into their lives and reading about how they come upon ideas and where they write and what they use to write. When that kind of post is presented, I will definitely be reading. It was hard before the internet to find out behind the scenes details. When a biography was published years latet, you would find out an author was nearly homeless and poor and had to write on cut up paper bags, for years, before having success. You can gather a wealth of knowledge about the true nature of the “Muse” and her gift to the impoverished and the well heeled too. Just because you have no stress on your life doesn’t mean you dont have the “great american novel” inside you.

    Sorry, if that was a little rambling.

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  4. Just the other day after once again being disappointed that my Twitter feed was only full of this kinda thing, that I thought about writing something similar. Thanks for the motivation to write it. I’ll link you in.

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  5. The merit of the tip jar seems relative.

    As a mental health writer I think I provide a service but I don’t have a tip jar out.

    I’ve considered installing one but I’d rather market a product. I also feel uncomfortable when I see tip jars because I don’t have the money to give away. I’m on a fixed income.

    I think that when I start to earn money on the thing I plan to market I will pay it forward by leaving tips and or buying the work of other bloggers.

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    1. I love this and thank you for responding. I agree wholeheartedly with you! I love supporting each other and am always surprised with the chilly responses when our partners reveal. It should be an exciting time for us all, because as the pay forward goes, we pay forward! You are an amazing asset to the blogging community and I adore you! 🙂

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