Inspired and Depressed at the Same Time

Did anyone else have these feelings after watching the CBS Sunday Morning episode featuring prolific writer, James Patterson?

I’m not certain what impressed me the most: his organization, the number of works that are begun but await finishing, his dedication and life style, his new Book Shots, or his mega muse? He writes so many novels each year and juggles thoughts for new ones while finishing a current one. Egad!

Peeking into the life of such a famous author was delightful and inspirational yet reflected poorly on my own writing life. There isn’t a day he’s not writing and, if I remember correctly, he has a regular, predictable work schedule that remains sacrosanct.

Boy, do I have great excuses for not writing, but I am reminded time marches on and so should writing. I believe successful writers love the process and cannot leave it regardless of life events.

A writing teacher told me, “Be consistent and constant and your muse will come.”