Inspired and Depressed at the Same Time

Did anyone else have these feelings after watching the CBS Sunday Morning episode featuring prolific writer, James Patterson?

I’m not certain what impressed me the most: his organization, the number of works that are begun but await finishing, his dedication and life style, his new Book Shots, or his mega muse? He writes so many novels each year and juggles thoughts for new ones while finishing a current one. Egad!

Peeking into the life of such a famous author was delightful and inspirational yet reflected poorly on my own writing life. There isn’t a day he’s not writing and, if I remember correctly, he has a regular, predictable work schedule that remains sacrosanct.

Boy, do I have great excuses for not writing, but I am reminded time marches on and so should writing. I believe successful writers love the process and cannot leave it regardless of life events.

A writing teacher told me, “Be consistent and constant and your muse will come.”

13 thoughts on “Inspired and Depressed at the Same Time

  1. I didn’t see the programme but if it helps I have struggled with the same problem. Now I write everyday first thing in the morning. It might just be a few hundred words but it soon adds up. It doesn’t have to be first thing find a time that suites you.

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  2. I get down too, and am my own worst critique. But what I’ve discovered is that even the famous writers struggle with discouragement. I believe it’s part of the creative mind. Focus on the joy of creating and embrace yourself from time to time. I enjoyed your post. See, someone cares.

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  3. James Patterson is very well organized, yes, but he also hires ghost writers. Patterson only became a full-time writer in 1996 and since 2002 just 20 per cent of his novels have been entirely written by him. JP is the reason I kind of got into writing. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with him over the years because some of his so-call books didn’t quite meet the standard of his level when he first started.

    Sorry for the banter, but don’t be hard on yourself. Continue to write and don’t ever feel depress over JP’s organized skills. I don’t have a sacrosanct schedule but I write around my chaotic life.

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      1. I’ll be rooting for you! Just focus on your work and never be hard on yourself. You’re welcome 🙂


  4. I have started makthe effort to talk to publishers. I have three calling me back because ” I need a friend in the industry”. I’ll have a sacrosanct schedule when I have a beach front house on the Big Island of Hawaii. Until then organized chaos, but at least someone wants to talk to me….It’s been hours. Make it was ‘Don’t Call Us, child will call you.’

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