Ghost Writers

A comment from Thursday’s blog post has promoted several questions about who, why, and how do ghost writers write with an author. Yes, I understand that memoirs are a viable reason to have a ghost writer—but aren’t those people acknowledged by the one whose story is being told?

My major reason for questioning anonymous authorship is why? Money, of course! Beyond that motivation, how does it feel to  have another author take credit for your words? (The money must be substantial.) Is a ghost writer another writer with works of his or hers? And then, how do famous authors choose them to cowrite.

My intrigue jumps in with a vision of a darkened room at the back of a bar and the two meeting to discuss terms. Ha!

Do any of you know a ghost writer that is not acknowledged formally by the author? How does this operation develop between the two?  I can understand the motivation of a best selling author— get that money maker book out and reap the rewards. But my own ego wonders why a competent writer is likewise motivated? That tells you a lot about me, doesn’t it.

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Sandi (see, I want you to know that this is my commentary. Ego, I guess!)