Right Brain Values

A friend pointed out that Eckhart Tolle had written books about “pain bodies” residing in our right brains requiring resolution and acknowledgement to move past them. Certainly those negative messages carry amazing weight in our own life journeys. But there is another side to the right brain messages that are positive under most circumstances.

My main character, Ferenc, was the eldest of 8, the one everyone in his family and his friends looked up to for answers and strength. He was responsible. Always. His values were strong and he never wavered from all that rested on his shoulders. Those taught values  over his life led to his choosing Lippizan horses over escorting his wife through the Alps. This struggle is an excellent example of a right brain battle with equally important issues.

Why did he choose the  horses? The responsibility entrusted to him at a young age by his father was entrenched above all others, even his deep love for his wife, Musa. His belief that he could still protect her by his preparation sending her well-prepared with a trusted colleague. Little did he know the disasters along the journey through the Alps. He believed he had it covered. He was the “go to” guy  and should be trusted. Big mistake.

He struggled internally but the value of responsibility—a superb value— to the detriment of his and  his wife’s safety.

Hmmm… Do your characters, as mine, have internal struggles driven by years of messages, both positive and negative? The answer makes character construction both fuller and fascinating.

Please let me know what your thoughts are.

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3 thoughts on “Right Brain Values

  1. I’m sad I’m so far behind in my reading. This is good stuff! I just re-read Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott – her advice on character and plot was invaluable: (Paraphrase mine of course) Keep getting to know your characters and let them write the story. It sounds to me that you’re right on point there.


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