The destruction of the World Trade Center, officers killing unarmed people, school shootings, bombs detonating on streets, going to any public place are reasons many of us fear leaving our homes. Even in the perceived safety there, the possibility of a plane diving into our living room or thugs breaking in uninvited is a sodden blanket over our lives. Yup. Reasons for living in fear are out there, especially when we dwell on them.

Think about this: after 9-11 New York City rebounded through mourning the dead, praying for the injured, and families with unstable futures. Americans are rebound people. Many cities in the US and other countries sent groups of people to give support to the city. Yet none of the security changes or monuments has changed the horror of persons with an violent agenda. Yet Americans move forward regardless.

In Torn Apart, characters Musa and Ferenc had viable reasons to fear. Their lives had been yanked from the stability of being well-respected professionals. They knew friends could not be depended upon to harbor them or help their escapes. The Russians were making their presence known near their beloved city of Budapest. The frazzled Germans are not making strong headway to save them. It’s time to leave. Their fear was warranted by their reality.

Fear continued tomorrow.

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