Many endure days of despair about their futures. I see its mark on the faces of many around me. No place to run and nowhere to hide. Such was the reality of Musa and Ferenc as both determined that escape was a mandate for them. Embarking on different journeys from which neither believed they would survive is an ample description of despair and its loss of hope.

“On the debris of our despair we build our character.” Unknown

The media thrives on our hurt and hopelessness. I believe journalists are following their beliefs, but they often neglect the common man and woman by sensationalizing those who make the most noise and/or do incredible harm. These stories are front and center as seen in this upcoming election, Syria, terrorists, bombings.

What does amaze me is the indomitable human spirit. If we look closely, we can see it everyday. Musa and Ferenc faced dreadful odds but put one foot in front of the other not knowing the outcome.

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