New POVs To Try

Two different writing gurus separately advised Jessica and I to consider writing our novels in first person. We were content in our omniscient 3rd POV. I hemmed and hawed over the idea.  Jessica launched into taking a scene written in omniscient 3rd rework.  I pondered and eventually ordered The Power of Point of View: Make Your Story Come to Lifeby Alicia Rasley. I recommend it for anyone confused about which POV would work best for their story. Finally I took on Jessica’s challenge.

It was hard to recreate the chosen scene in first person. I’ll admit it. I wrestled with my new draft. I wanted to use the same verb tense as the 3rd POV. Several sentences became awkward, but I lived in my character’s mind. I heard, saw and projected into her life. Wow.

After we met to read to each other, we were happily surprised. I had not heard Jessica’s 3rd person scene before and found it delightful, but when I listened to her 1st person POV, I sat back in my chair. “That’s a tremendous revision.” She nodded her head and agreed she preferred my second scene rewrite, also. I understood her heroine better.

The personal scenes jumped to life. Both were easier to follow and, here’s the kicker, we were in our characters’ minds and emotions. No more “head jumping” for us!

So, here we go.

I fully understand another reason writing takes entirely too long. What do each of us writers want? We want our story to be an enjoyable read that engrosses our fans. Maybe it will be memorable as well?


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