More Warnings about Sharing your Writing

Receiving valuable feedback increases the ability to improve one’s writing. An Editing group is effective when you value the writing of the members. Do your homework. Read what the group members have already written before venturing into the members’ arena. Ask for samples and experience.

Your writing future might depend on how well you do your homework. Ask questions about how frequently others submit and return reviews. How long have members been active, how many are in the group, how many people have left if it has been in existence for a substantial time. How much time does each member devote to her work daily? The answers will give you a better “reading” on if this is a match made in heaven—or hell.

Your writing is important. You have sweat bullets over it and truly want to learn from others. Members who aren’t as dedicated to writing as you wish—- do they want YOUR critiques and aren’t interested in the reverse? I’ve been there and done that.

Be assured that groups can be helpful. Please understand I am not disrespecting groups. I’ve been in ones that were encouraging and helpful—make a great choice for you.

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