Receiving Feedback Ohhhhh—-be careful! A dear friend and excellent writer had finished her rough draft and asked a teaching partner to critique her freshly finished novel. How much did she trust this person to be helpful and not cruel? Let’s call her Janine. Remember, this was her first completed draft. Janine is an exceptionally gracious, kind and well meaning person. She had taught with said critic for several years. She didn’t see the snake in the grass. This woman was so brutal that Janine crumbled. In addition to being humiliated, she threw her manuscript away and never wrote fiction again. Granted, she trusted the wrong person but didn’t see a reason not to do so. She was young and this woman was an older woman whom Janine had faith. They team taught high school English together. I was horrified learning of the fate of her first completed novel. Janine gave her critic the power to annihilate. Be prepared for this option and block negativity. Choose better. Try again. You’re worth it. Don’t give your power away on the wrong critic. More later… Sandi