This just happened…#007 & #ThePro

There is no way in a million years you will be able to guess who I stumbled into?!



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Although I may have screamed if I stumbled into any 1 of the 3….Dying for the reveal? I understand I get it…I know…but let me tell you the experience was unbelievable! A fantastical, jaw-dropping moment of space and time. (& a reminder of WHO i DONT want to be)

One typical Saturday afternoon, the hour? Maybe pre-sunset, everything is hard to remember these days. I can’t find my car-keys so why would I know where I’ve been or exactly when? My name? Lol! When who should stumble into my faux place of employment? Decked out in a knitted cap pulled low and a parka to their knees.

Yes, the infamous…writing pro! They really were just curious as to what exactly the business was where I hang my cap. (The extent of my day consists of individuals who want to exhibit their work, not peruse the awesomeness already displayed.) When conversation, severely pained mind you, revealed they wrote.


“Professional” grade A material, not riffraff…granted I’d never heard of their novels, even after googling, but as a newbie in the literary world and private investigator in the hunt for “Magic,” I worked hard to discover as much as I could. Of course, I wanted to check out their famed treasure collection. Forty years in the industry and they still were going strong.

In awe, but only momentarily.

What young writerly type and mind wouldn’t be curious? Yet, they held on to their name like a dog with a bone, a big one. The conversation was a bit like pulling teeth.

giphy (6).gif

“Said” artist behaved like a secret-service agent whose cover was about to be blown, a feared I was trying to steal the “secret formula” or thought I would try to nab a handshake or an autograph. I promise the whole event didn’t get that far. And inside I’m like, what gives?

The “Professional” explained they sell their work exclusively on the international level and don’t mess around with the local scene. Multilinguall? Do they write in a code unknown to man? I am pretty sure the internet, i.e, world-wide-web covers that. Why was this turning into more of an unsolved mystery? Curious and strange…and ghastly exhausting. My excitement turned into a headache and then a quick, have a nice day.

giphy (3).gif

I spend the majority of my meanderings in a semi-quiet, mostly-retired, red-neck village of farmer transplants, leathery sun-worshipers in recovery, or surfer-type transients, equipped with the small town population of under 10,000 peeps living off a tourist type of economy. A known haven for artists and crafters of every shape or size and where an art gallery sits on every street corner along with the recently legalized pharmaceutical/recreational Mary-Jane trade.

Most of the “pros”, I guess, are ghosts, local is local and apparently underground…not that you need to recognize a person who is prolific by their avatar, but in this climate, it helps. Artists are a finicky group and are unclear if writers even belong in their clique. There is a secret code to what is even considered art in their couture communaute’.

Complex, confusing, parroting my conversation with the “Professional”.

I’m confused by the aging elitist culture and their need for haut-monde attitudes. They seem to think, in my neck of the logging industry, if they have the internet or paid for a web-site, they may never use, they have achieved status.

Advice gained from my new friend in the industry? “Just tell yourself a story and publish. Don’t worry about re-writes, edits, etc. Just hit send….” Youch, NOT my version of advice at all! Thanks 00Nada.

giphy (4).gif

(I think I was)

It’s funny how we go cross-eyed in deliberating if we should call ourselves a writer or an author, forget artist, and dear lord, I pray, tell me what makes you a “Pro”?  In my belief “Pro” status comes with a lot of 000,000,000’s, your name should be recognizable and if not your name, by design, then your work.

But then as stated above, memory too, is often lost to me, where attitudes have a tendency to stick.

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Be well, stay nice and take care of yourself and those around-

Write On! ❤ Jess


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