#Happy #June #Baby

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That’s right, so let’s get up and dive in!

(The inspiration is more for me than anyone else, yikes.)

Over on my blog jessicaedouard.com, the one covered in cobwebs and filled with chirping crickets, because I’m a happenstance, infrequent visitor to a blog plastered with my name.

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#WTHJ (What the Heck, Jessica) #GYST (Get your s___together, stuff people, lol) But don’t I make a cute #Kenny?

I asked a question I’m curious to bandy about. A POV (point of view) preference for those who might read historical romance, or whichever genre you enjoy most.

  1. Do you have a preference in how the story is told?
  2. Would perspective keep you from reading the book?

I know for the longest time I despised reading the first person narrative. I only devoured 3rd person. In romance, contemporary is often written in the first person, historical in the third. I read and write historical romance and found myself turning my nose at the rest. Until I realized as a writer, I could only benefit from indulging in everything, all fiction, all genres, all points of view. Painful, then strangely gratifying and intriguing me more and more as time elapsed. Even curious if I might be able to write in a different voice.

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Do we have to draw lines?

The debate is interesting because there is always a need for conflict, right? Otherwise, I’d be spending some serious one-on-one time with a few of the 8 million characters, plots & twists trolling through my head.

  1. As a writer do you dabble in a little of each?
  2. Or…do you remain steadfast in one?
  3. Do you allow your muse to pick?
  4. Does genre play a difference?
  5. Am I beating around the bush right now?
  6. Can we indulge and write in all perspectives?
  7. Or…is there a secret code agents and/or publishers demand?

For the time, until you fill me with your wisdom, I will take the advice of a great friend over @LaPetitMuse, & keep doing me.

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Write On! ❤ Jess

10 thoughts on “#Happy #June #Baby

  1. When I first began writing The Unhappy Wife, I was told that only inexperienced writers write in first person. I disagree. I think first person offers insight that third person cannot. However, I do think that if you can write at all, then you’re probably able to use either depending on the genre.

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  2. I’m a novice writer and for me I stay in my comfort zone (e.g. first person). In saying that, as writers become experienced, I would think expanding your POV would enhance your abilities. I agree that different genre require different POV to excel. Yet, your experienced and successful author can write and genre in any POV and make it good.

    Great questions for pondering. Perhaps when I feel more comfortable and experienced writing, I’ll venture out of my comfort zone.

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  3. I didn’t know you had another blog! Is it one that I can follow? I’m at work so I’m playing catch up with some of the blogs before I get down to some work itself. ^^ Oh my goodness, I’ve been working on a post about POV for the longest while! I hope to get around to it soon. I am on the same page with you. I hardly like the first person narrative… unless its James Patterson telling it because he kills it and he leaves me in awe of his superiority to write flawlessly in the first person. I think its to do with the writer in the moment. Just write. And yes, continue to do you! 🙂

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