#CGGC a.k.a Critique Group God Complex

Never heard of it? Yeah, neither had I, but I’ve met a few, so I made one up, lol! We know some are suffering….


All in love and good fun, Write On! ❤ Jess

7 thoughts on “#CGGC a.k.a Critique Group God Complex

  1. Yeah and at a meeting don’t be like those cheap f – – – – – – that don’t put a dollar in the basket. Someone has to pay for the coffee, the literature and the tiny rent the church charges us to meet there. I get such a resentment I can barely type this. I know, don’t take other people’s inventory. Well why aren’t they taking their own inventory?

    I know this because I attend two different programs for 12 Step recovery addiction. I cannot relate the names in public media because the traditions say it must remain anonymous.

    Enjoyed the parody !

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