the could’ves, would’ves, & should’ves…

...A top 10 for the year known as -whispering- 2017...
(I get it, like, so...eleven days ago.)

#1- Posted for #IWSG on the required 1st Wednesday of every month.

Details…details… Not much to ask, right?

Following said instruction with the included advice from my very well-meaning, makes me smile because her brain stem tingles at a rate faster than mine, baby sister, “You can schedule those…” Yeah, thanks. And, she is right. And, because self-deprecation is something I no longer indulge, inhale or include in my personal evaluations, my response is, “Brilliant.”

giphy (3)

#2- I could’ve, would’ve, should’ve answered the damn questions in the monthly writing prompt.

Questions? Yes, it’s that easy.

As usual, I have a way of veering in a direction less traveled and impressively farthest from any ones cares. My rantings surely touch home base with my doppelganger, wherever she, or he, may reside and what a curious thought, do these strangely familiar individuals act like you or simply possess your devastatingly impressive looks?  (Note to self: too freaky to research further.) 

#3- Splurged in the wealth of information and sane advice from other Insecure Writers Group members.

Why haven’t I?

This is the real question, but one I shall relish in remedying. The site is filled with valuable, relatable, inspiring articles. If I reached out to Insecure Writers creator, Alex Cavanaugh or his helpers, without hesitation, they respond. It’s true, he has talked to me before. (An event in comments I am sure he remembers.) Also, a quality only occasionally found within these fickle writer-type creatures, well-intentioned, but most-times distracted.

The fresh theme at IWSG begs you to dive into the library and, do what? begin…unabashed, belly-flop back flat with no hesitation or fears. The Write Life for year #dos has listed #IWSG as one of its 2018 top 100 websites for writers, sectioned under Writing Communities. Bravo team! Hu, hu, huzza!

Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

#4- I could’ve, would’ve, should’ve made time for me in whatever crazy spaces I inhabited.

Poof! Recently zapped by an acquired Hogwart’s magic wand, I remember what I’ve always known. Time is elusive and not guaranteed. Whenever feeling the need to justify my situation, instead use solutions, like, this phone has notes & a voice recorder!

I will, going forward, utilize commuting and wait times wherever this life finds me. I am sure there are a million other squandered opportunities my wayward identical twin or inspired sister will unearth in a blaring beacon of light further awakening my dragon, who now, by the way, works for me.

My eyes, my eyes, these, I need ‘computer reading glasses’ tired, inflamed eyes will embrace most assured.

#5- Shown NO fear of splashing, zinging, singing.

La, la la

Why not? be gallant in…everything, especially life’s missteps.

#6- I could’ve, would’ve, should’ve honored thyself instead of beating myself up with hoes, woes, and nos’.

It’s not over.

I could’ve become a gardener. I may have even spent a ridiculous month looking into ideas for developing a self-sufficient lifestyle this past year.

I would’ve failed if I thought to begin because I hate getting dirty and never end up DIY clean as they do on HGTV and, yet, another new reason for me to spend a half-second crying about in the heady warmth and wealth of my sorrows.

I should’ve recognized procrastination, my NO, as the little biatch she is. How dare she hold me back. I’m looking you straight in the eye this year, lady. The time has come for me to honor myself and those who have helped me, let’s dance.

#7-Known qualifying words, such as ‘you know you’re a writer’ would backfire.

Do I need to repeat this to believe it? The memes are so funny though, but am I, am I really? a writer or maybe a recluse who spends an inordinate time inside a self-imposed bone cavity? hunh? hunh?


#8- I could’ve, would’ve, should’ve saved time w/… Pantser, begone

Like 2 1/2 years to be exact…

So, there is a new epic cutting-edge spray in my life, and might I add, uber fabulous. “Pantser, Begone.”

I understand the hesitation, new products, people of interest, etc. but think of this miracle, this little volcano in a bottle as an organic holistic-infused mind-balming plotting-mist. When spritzed across story ideas the spray shapes concepts into meaningful evolutionary realities, forming true structure, flow, and deepens creative license ending in novel fruition and backed in historicity.

Once again, brilliant.

Why spend years half-finishing anything. Oh’ I’m looking right in the mirror, I promise.

A hard truth diffuser filled with guidance, sprayed in heavy doses on this overactive rated medulla would have been beneficiary three years ago. Today, I embrace her and bathe in her knowledge and beauty in abundant joy. Her name is Cait Reynolds.

#9- Finished NaNoWriMo

As soon as I signed up and blasted onto the swings of a successful quest, I crashed, splashed and drank every ounce of the cocktail named mud. 


Hence my holy grail of FebYoWriMo. (Open to all who’d like to join and rinse their hair and mouth out.) I might even try posting here on a weekly basis and look for Sandi in the process.

#10- Sprint with the best at W.A.N.A.

You’ve heard me talk about this team of ‘Phenomenals’ before.

“We Are Not Alone,” the group founded by, my not so embarrassing admission of internet-stalker girl-crushing, Kristen Lamb. Her site is jam-packed with an ultimate wealth of writerly-dos and writer go-tos.

No fear of bad information suffocation here, the supported classes help authors of all levels and at any stage of story development further their craft of writing. A timid thick-footed wordy, like moi, can break free from the ‘cocoon of doom.’ 

Which equates to my 2017, may this fiery liquid stay down. Skoal! 



Write On! ❤ Jess

January 3rd, 2018 question – What steps have you taken or plan to take to put a schedule in place for your writing and publishing? 

NO Excuses…2017 has sailed with much I held dear. In 2018 I WILL honor myself, my word and those who have shown faith in my love of writing. Join a minimum of three sprints a week over at W.A.N.A, day or night, beg Cait to let me hire her as my monthly writing coach, like the whipped-wet wrapper that I am, acknowledge Send Sunshine daily in the ways she needs to flower and respond timely to the writers who have shown interest in working with me. 

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  1. Oh… That’s what this blog is about. I was thinking something “different” from the title – and I came by anyway, so what does that say about me? Thanks for the follow. Great blog title. Happy 2018!

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