I’m back! And who the heck am I? Its been months since I blogged, but the time has come to get back in the writing game. Jessica and I started American Writers in February, or was it January a couple years ago, after attending a frustrating workshop given by an “editor.”

It has been quite a while since I posted and I’ll spare you my reasons ie. excuses. OK, maybe one. The number one distraction (also an excuse) is that my husband and I moved from acreage with 5 outbuildings full of important stuff. We relocated to a condo – a vacation condo with insufficient space for my “treasures!” I swear that most things multiply when no one is watching.

After over a year I’m still sorting, purging, and relocating homes for my treasures, and this is after yard sales, gifting and donating. UGH! Thus I have had to admit that my organization skills have met their undoing.The lists get longer and more formidable by the week. It appears that my dedication to writing and making my new abode fit my life sucks. I make lists of To Dos that are tissue paper in a storm.  Soggy and deteriorated.

Do you make a list for the day? I am prideful when I can check one off. The problem is I almost never finish them all in one day. Am I that busy? Nope. Some days I ‘m not in the mood. Now that’s grown up behaviour, isn’t it? Items will float onto 2 or 3 new lists.

I recall a demonstration with a clear glass container, sand, gravel and a couple rocks that would fit into that cylinder. The demo goes somewhat like this.

The instructor starts by dumping the sand in, then the gravel and finally one of the larger rocks. The other rock doesn’t fit. He then pours water in and it overflows (somewhat as my energy drains during the day.) He asks his audience if the big rocks were the most important goals. (Writing, perhaps?) Well, yes. That’s why they are the larger ones.

“It didn’t fit with all the sand and gravel put in first.” Well, duh, I think. “What if I do the experiment differently? What if I start with the bigger rocks first then add the gravel and finally the sand?”

You know the rest. All the ingredients fit. Viola!

What do each of the items represent? (I know you know this.) The sand is the time wasters that aren’t important but you like doing them: tv, games, munching on a snack. The gravel is taking out the garbage, cooking dinner, picking up your children from school, etc. You get the picture. The bigger rocks are what matters to you most. Could that be writing 3000 words today?

“What is the lesson,” I ask myself?

Just do it! Tackle the big rocks first and the rest will follow. What disappears is guilt, frustration and self loathing. And I might have a perkier walk and more patient attitude toward those in my life.

So, here I am attempting to apply some logic to my To Do list starting today. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading our blog.


Pleased to meet you…

* hope you guess my name *

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I bet you’re curious how my FebYo’WriMo group went?

Fantastically awry and disgustingly amaze in one single nutshell of immense Mr. Peanut proportions. What else would you expect of me? The group continues as a safe haven for writers who seek to post something, anything without the judgment of, let me see…the world.


I’m going to give myself that one. We don’t beat ourselves in the face with frying pans anymore, remember?

Let me check w/ Insecure Writer’s Group Question of the month…oops looks like FebYo’ary is still up so I’m going rogue. Afterall, I’m writing this post almost a week in advance. Shocker! I’m thinking we may need to develop a Tortured Souls team…who loves the punishment! cue cymbals…


So…if you’re thinking about creating an epic group of social media fame on Facebook take it from the monarch of leaden feet, there are a few things you might like to know. 

#1 There are no invitations.

When you click add members, it lists the followers of your page whether they’d like to chill and drink a cappuccino with you on the coldest day of FebYo’ary without any freaking shoes or smear your endearing puss into the inkwells of self-loathing and despair. #sorry?

#2 Prepare to make apologies if you don’t follow #1!

I am used to making a quasi-triumphant backward mess of my great intentions, you, my good friend may not. Accidentally adding your peers to a list when you assume, yes, this applies here, (ass of u & me} they are in agreement is not a pleasant form of dog poo-poo in the face.

#3 Seek the advice of those who’ve gone before you.

Ummmm, croaking frogs, resembling a writer-this one, filled with crazy possibility and a bubble of vomit refusing to be swallowed. I didn’t ask anyone. I trustfully flung my body backward and am now wearing a full-body-cast of those who love me anyway.

#4 Wear 2018 Olympic verified knee-pads.

If the cues of #1 & #2 don’t slow the thrum of excitement in this fantastic idea you’ve developed…invest in yourself. Yes, you are worth it, and, at least, your aging knee-caps will be forever thankful when you go ‘a groveling.’

#5 Keep to the basics??

FB is a peculiar place. I believe the idea grand, and stupendously (adverbs were created to be abused), perplexing.

I’ve three profiles, the first produced in the fantastical errors of moi while developing my online presence as an author. Fresh from my first writer’s conference in a hasty fashion and void of other clues. 

The second, a correction of the first. 

The third to help promote my life work #SendSunshine (that social media, Instagram/Etsy, recently helped be discovered & showcased here…. rawartists.org/sendsunshine  If unable to attend event PLEASE purchase a ticket & support #IndieArtists like you and me.)


So….let’s transgress, a habit I diverge most often.

Identity #1 should be my personal page where, instead, I invited everyone my location suggested, their bathroom toilets and those who wished to never look at my precious-mug again. Every follower is organic, because, people, these beautiful organisms of never-ending judgments are waiting for spilled waste. I refuse to post a daily transcribe of why my laundry gets folded in starched unwrinkled triangles or the successes of my non-blemished straight A children, what a horrible standard, facebook fame? But, if I want to see any updates on relatives, this is where I’ll find it and their latest school pictures?? Sad, don’t you think? 

ID #2 the real deal…the single identity I should have started in the beginning, but believed I needed a page and couldn’t create without #1. 

Quit? Nose-dive off the moon? Beserkers NO! When you’re in this deep, you keep going. Don’t you?

Here I hang with my other insecure writer friends, as desperate to be seen as me. And some TRUE writing kings & queens, whom, in the most recent month, I may have lovingly splattered a dab of piddle on their bared shin. My trees. The ones I aspire and apologize for my continued ignorance of how this social media nightmare, namely FB, works.


Confession-I recently absconded the title “Aspiring Novelist” from another fantastic novelist of soon to be acclaimed fame. Love you Steph! And in this month of heralded flubs a re-discovered best friend.

Find the silver lining in all things you are passionate. I’m not afraid of transparency, I’m scared shitless of not taking the opportunity for fabulous to be found.

Write On! ❤ Jess

Insecure Writers Support Group Badge


PS-If you are serious, really serious about developing the craft of writing and don’t already know everything (because, seriously, it’s highly possible you really-don’t) … These are the names you need to investigate, know, breathe, and to whom I apologize for my faux pas must humbly. I am a sincere doll of fumbling fabulosity, right?

Larry Brooks

Kristen Lamb

Cait Reynolds

Raidon Pheonix