I’m back! And who the heck am I? Its been months since I blogged, but the time has come to get back in the writing game. Jessica and I started American Writers in February, or was it January a couple years ago, after attending a frustrating workshop given by an “editor.”

It has been quite a while since I posted and I’ll spare you my reasons ie. excuses. OK, maybe one. The number one distraction (also an excuse) is that my husband and I moved from acreage with 5 outbuildings full of important stuff. We relocated to a condo – a vacation condo with insufficient space for my “treasures!” I swear that most things multiply when no one is watching.

After over a year I’m still sorting, purging, and relocating homes for my treasures, and this is after yard sales, gifting and donating. UGH! Thus I have had to admit that my organization skills have met their undoing.The lists get longer and more formidable by the week. It appears that my dedication to writing and making my new abode fit my life sucks. I make lists of To Dos that are tissue paper in a storm.  Soggy and deteriorated.

Do you make a list for the day? I am prideful when I can check one off. The problem is I almost never finish them all in one day. Am I that busy? Nope. Some days I ‘m not in the mood. Now that’s grown up behaviour, isn’t it? Items will float onto 2 or 3 new lists.

I recall a demonstration with a clear glass container, sand, gravel and a couple rocks that would fit into that cylinder. The demo goes somewhat like this.

The instructor starts by dumping the sand in, then the gravel and finally one of the larger rocks. The other rock doesn’t fit. He then pours water in and it overflows (somewhat as my energy drains during the day.) He asks his audience if the big rocks were the most important goals. (Writing, perhaps?) Well, yes. That’s why they are the larger ones.

“It didn’t fit with all the sand and gravel put in first.” Well, duh, I think. “What if I do the experiment differently? What if I start with the bigger rocks first then add the gravel and finally the sand?”

You know the rest. All the ingredients fit. Viola!

What do each of the items represent? (I know you know this.) The sand is the time wasters that aren’t important but you like doing them: tv, games, munching on a snack. The gravel is taking out the garbage, cooking dinner, picking up your children from school, etc. You get the picture. The bigger rocks are what matters to you most. Could that be writing 3000 words today?

“What is the lesson,” I ask myself?

Just do it! Tackle the big rocks first and the rest will follow. What disappears is guilt, frustration and self loathing. And I might have a perkier walk and more patient attitude toward those in my life.

So, here I am attempting to apply some logic to my To Do list starting today. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading our blog.


4 thoughts on “I’m BACK!

  1. You want lighthearted banter? You’ll be disappointed. I’ve just read two blogs on writers’ time-management this morning, after having myself written a blog post (for an organisation) on the same subject last week. We writers are appalling time-managers. One of the reasons is that writing is difficult and requires massive effort, so we shove it aside for the easy stuff like updating Facebook posts.

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  2. Glad to see you back and taking up the pen, Sandi. Good luck with that “to-do” list. I haven’t met one yet that wanted to cooperate with me. That being said, l vote for letting the dishes go and bed remain un-made in lieu of writing every morning. Big hugs and so glad you are back!

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