I am realized … the ecstatic culmination of a 2-star rating

It really is a sad situation when your blog has been so long ignored you fear remembering its password. First, I’d like to apologize to my deserted page with its catchy name and fun posts reaching out to other writers in similar situational star-rocketing highs and equally plummeting despairs.

(remember, I post daily @ sunshinesent.com)

Without further ado let me ‘slash’ this month of February 2019 @ Insecure Writers Support Group up, writing 4 the first time this year and posting ON time, because I know the 200 other monthly contributors have missed me.

(I’ve missed you too. It’s true, I do! I do, silly, I do.)


Bringing me out of hibernation would be attributed to the quarterly rounds I make to my KU page, pathetic…I hear you…kindly say nothing, where ecstatically and solemnly, I discovered attaining the highest of writer rankings with a well thought and non-stellar rating by a consumer.

Ecstatic…because I felt realized, proud to wear the badge of the misunderstood.

Solemn... upon realization 1.5 of those stars were lost due to no fault of my own and remedied by re-printing, naggy binding glue & such. The other star and a half, accepting equal blame, discounted due to my perpetuating cheesy prose and writing nonesense, contributor spelling. (Spell-checker, ugly red underscore, sincerely, quit yelling at me.)

I’m not posting to whimper about the public berating, but to pose a question? One we’ve heard throughout our writing careers freshly born or exaggerated. If you haven’t been privy to this blight of wisdom then mission, I mean, listen…very carefully.


*Should we publish before we are ready just because we can?

Who/what is our determiner? Would you really hear over the excitement to push enter?

My next query…

*Should we UN-publish thus we’ve previously published poorly? 

Because now we know better, one, ten, thirty-nine years later? or do a full rework?

As you’ve known me, I’m the girl who gets over-excited and jumps in both feet first. Perhaps, I flip over and end up looking like a goose/duck’s hiney, but effort and stamina should be considered, right? (Not drowning, I assure you.)


The work I published is not a novel, merely a collection of stanzas and deliberated art from Send Sunshine. As the years have progressed my posts and artwork have developed. Each piece dutifully agonized over with a disgustingly palpable amount of thought, energy, and love.

*Does that mean we should bury our beginnings underground or venture forward w/ extreme caution? 


The craft of writing is selective, individual, eclectic in the way each author chooses its presentation. An understanding maybe other artists recognize and give credit or leave, while the general population…not really so much. Though for an accurate translation it is, our, or in this case, my, full responsibility to relay.

In hindsight, did I say that? I did, lol…I believe re-addressing my back cover is in tall order, detailing the purpose of my blog and brand Send Sunshine for a detailed understanding of their purchase.

Re-imagined digital photography with heartfelt quotesSend Sunshine is a lifestyle dedicated to positive affirmations, self-empowerment and the promotion of spreading kindness.

What about those novels? I’ll tell you this…whoever said it takes thousands of writing hours before you write well is 100% correct. I feel closer than I ‘ve ever been before. Last years project is near its second draft completion. Titillating. Every other story is still knocking around my brain. So many stories, so little time.

Regardless…Write On! ❤ Jess


PS…here is the posse of peoples you’ve been searching for, thank you IWSG!

PSS…if you take direction they actually give you a monthly writing prompt…sorry team.

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13 thoughts on “I am realized … the ecstatic culmination of a 2-star rating

  1. You can’t take every bad review to heart. You’ll never please everyone. That said, if there’s truth to the negative remarks, then revising your cover and or your interior and uploading new ones might be the thing to do. That’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. No matter what, learn and grow and move on.

    Here’s a link to a post I did on self-publishing. http://melissamaygrove.blogspot.com/2013/03/pros-cons-of-self-publishing.html

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  2. Hey! Visiting from IWSG March! I know I cringed when rereading the my first published work, thinking the work was ready. I did take it down and had a professional editor go over it. Then re-published. It was SO worth it! The book I saw in my mind actually ended up on paper and I felt elated. It taught me a huge lesson in ego. So, my take is, don’t publish just because you can. Take the time (and pay the fee) to have your work be the best it can be before you put it out for people to spend their money on. I want return readers, not disappointed ones!

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  3. There’s this quote I like to think about when I’m trying to figure out if something is ready or not:
    “Achievers strive for excellence. Perfectionists drive themselves to extinction.”
    I think that as long as you are happy about the quality of what you’re publishing, then that is all that matters in the end. And having to rewrite something because you have gained more skill isn’t a bad thing, only a time-consuming thing 🙂

    Ronel visiting for Feb’s IWSG Day Being an Insecure Writer — And Happy About It

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  4. I think every writer could say that when he reads his own earlier works he cringes. I certainly can, but at that time, it was my best. I don’t think ‘unpublish’ is a way to go. I’d say, move on. Make the next one better. As to how to know – that is the question we all struggle with. For me, it happens when I go through the manuscript one more time and don’t want to change a single comma. Then, the story is ready for publishing.

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  5. Some thought-provoking questions.
    Should we publish before we are ready just because we can? Well, they say a book is never perfect. There will always be something you can improve upon. But where does it end? At some stage, you have to let your ‘baby’ out into the big, wide world.

    Just a reminder that we also have a facebook group as well as a Twitter and Instagram page where you can network, and discover loads of ongoing writing-related activities to keep those writing muscles sharp!
    Writer In Transit February Co-host

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  6. I debated the very same thing with myself. Then decided that since one of my goals is to encourage young writers, perhaps they’d feel freer to keep writing if they knew all writer’s have to start at the beginning and practice, practice, practice. Sides, my dad always called me a radical, thinking it has to do with me beating my head on the wall cause I wasn’t doing something perfect the first time? Nah. I also did a post one time that apparently had nothing to do with the posted prompt. Oh, well, off to find something else to get into this cold, snowy morning. Mayhap, shoveling the rest of the 2-4 inches that turned into a foot of snow. Weathermen….Ahhh, I see I have not changed my profile pic over here on WordPress.

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  7. I say, follow your gut. If you feel like going back and re-doing, then do it. If not, don’t.

    On the one hand, even Stephen King rewrote his Dark Tower series after he felt his skills were improved. So, if the King does it, it’s okay.

    On the other hand. one day. when your prose is being studied by future generations (because we have to accept that our genius may not be appreciated in our lifetime, but in the next) they can debate the nuances and growth from earlier to later works.

    I hope that helps!


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