Dumped, Dumpee, Duped? Call it what you will…

Relationships…who needs em?


Yet, we all do right?

If you are not of the A variety you usually fall into the B category, dumper, duper…sleazebag. Fear not, there is the beauty of karma, irony & fate.

Are these common situations any different in the universe of Writing?

The idea behind American Writers was to expose the underbelly of the journey, our trials, our frustrations, our moments of complete failure, scratches, and occasional success. Instead of being amongst the slew of Writers who claim to be Writers and know everything about Writing …so very much more (yes, I used-so, very & much) than the other 3 gazillion and 4 Writers  (no supporting research data) in the world of Writerdom.

Jeesh, Sally calm down. Not only do I hear you, I feel you sister, but 1st let me bow.

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So what’s the deal with critique groups? Either they are of a higher echelon that you are unworthy of attending or members suck what they can until the group no longer serves their purpose and move on. To where? I believe we still inhabit the same plot structure.

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Ummm, really?

The greatest advice is “be your own cheerleader,” because we have to, yet, there are those few who fall victim to their own great marketing strategies. Even the humble play at being humble to get continued positive strokes. Yikes…

The brilliance of the “CG” situation is enlightening. We all falsely believe WE are the better Writer. And, being amongst the ton is helpful. We are different people, voices, and points of view. Each lends a hand in improving each other in whichever state we find our current WIP. Work in progress, use your words, acronyms don’t make you sound smarter and it’s freaking annoying.

Is there a graceful way to ditch a peer group and move on? Without using flowery bullshit that grownups can decipher? And exactly what is being said to those left behind? I rock, you suck, later dudes.

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We can see you, we have this thing called the internet.

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Brilliant, NOT mine, #FML

Twenty-eight months ago I began the quest for my personal holy grail. I’ve met great people, industry professionals, received the worst advice given to mankind (that I inhaled) and spent thousands of dollars as every other would-be, wanna-be Writing genius. I have a collection of 4 blogs, 2 of which believe I am dead, too many social media accounts to keep up with and am the proud owner of multiple pen names. I have walked away from critique groups and, recently, have been walked out on.

Bound to happen, right?

The decerning piece is when I give my word to writers who have asked something if me, I follow through to the best of my ability and while I don’t have the whole shit and caboodle figured out, I will.

Only the best-Truly-Sour grapes and all

Write On-<3 Jess

Receiving Feedback Ohhhhh—-be careful! A dear friend and excellent writer had finished her rough draft and asked a teaching partner to critique her freshly finished novel. How much did she trust this person to be helpful and not cruel? Let’s call her Janine. Remember, this was her first completed draft. Janine is an exceptionally gracious, kind and well meaning person. She had taught with said critic for several years. She didn’t see the snake in the grass. This woman was so brutal that Janine crumbled. In addition to being humiliated, she threw her manuscript away and never wrote fiction again. Granted, she trusted the wrong person but didn’t see a reason not to do so. She was young and this woman was an older woman whom Janine had faith. They team taught high school English together. I was horrified learning of the fate of her first completed novel. Janine gave her critic the power to annihilate. Be prepared for this option and block negativity. Choose better. Try again. You’re worth it. Don’t give your power away on the wrong critic. More later… Sandi

#5 Ways a #Male Protagonist/Hero Knows his Romance Author is Cheating on Him #RatedMature

#1 His document file remains untouched … 

In the beginning it was a passionate love affair, there were not enough hours in the day for “said typist” to satisfy their needs, to spend every minute solely on him, slaving, slathering, salivating as the story hit the page in graphic detail. Oh’ the fervor was electric, his character and energy, building, growing, escalating and wait, excuse me, what’s that? Yeah…exactly, crickets! Where the heck did that #$!@&%*go? Hello? Author, we are not finished here!Awkward-silence-e1378058433778.jpg

#2 His creator accidentally calls him by a different name …

When, finally “said storyteller” opens the word file lamenting lame excuse after excuse, having not been able to find his specified folder, mislabeling the work, or worse, accidentally deleted their idiosyncratic draft. How could this have happened to their supposed one-of-a-kind, spiritually satisfying soul-mate, “I will die without you” connection? Suddenly typing starts again at a furious pace, rushing down the poetic highway at lush breakneck speeds when his name is written wrong. Hans??? Who the H – E double L is Hans? My name is George!


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More Warnings about Sharing your Writing

Receiving valuable feedback increases the ability to improve one’s writing. An Editing group is effective when you value the writing of the members. Do your homework. Read what the group members have already written before venturing into the members’ arena. Ask for samples and experience.

Your writing future might depend on how well you do your homework. Ask questions about how frequently others submit and return reviews. How long have members been active, how many are in the group, how many people have left if it has been in existence for a substantial time. How much time does each member devote to her work daily? The answers will give you a better “reading” on if this is a match made in heaven—or hell.

Your writing is important. You have sweat bullets over it and truly want to learn from others. Members who aren’t as dedicated to writing as you wish—- do they want YOUR critiques and aren’t interested in the reverse? I’ve been there and done that.

Be assured that groups can be helpful. Please understand I am not disrespecting groups. I’ve been in ones that were encouraging and helpful—make a great choice for you.

Thanks for following.