#SportsReport #SportsEdition-a single perspective-from the parking lot-across the street and down the alley…#Wtf

First, I would like to start out by saying I did not get paid for this post. (Okay, maybe, I did, just like the millions of other folks selling out to earn a paycheck.) Yet, this is a simpleton’s view from a galaxy far, far away.


Professionally, I don’t get it.


How is this team still affiliated and not booted from the NFL?

Why are we supporting a culture averaging 60+billion dollars a year? The beauty industry comes in a close 2nd at around 55+billion. (See OM’s fashion blog.)


And we wonder why we are fucked. Is there really nothing else in this world we could be spending our hard earned money on? Maybe on a class in ethical behavior and morality? Athletes are made out to be heroes, not humans, [many times paid handsomely and believe in those computer generated, manipulated stats.)

‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ our children are watching.


Could the nightly news have a segment on “how to be a better person? Tools for achieving spiritual ‘God’ status?” After looking at this list of felons, just in the NFL, I am sure you would agree the nation could use such. (Oh’ wait maybe that syndicate is considered Dr.Phil or Oprah.)


-All of this just makes us look like

 ID 10 T’s-

I thought, at first, this would be funny, poking fun at Tom Brady and Tony Romo-my all time dislikes, hailing Joe Montana, the Manning boys, cursing the fate of Tim Tebo, but now I am disgustingly depressed. Close your eyes OM, I found this… and I close the chapter on my excitement in running a sports segment. Everything is “rigged.”

Before I let you go here is one of my favorite clips in the whole of my NFL watching career.


Sorry, Troy.

Why can’t we #BeLove #ShowLove, real people, reporting real news, NO sensationalizing…

Write On…Send Sunshine-<3 Jess




December 24, 1944 and 2015

War of two different kinds — World War II and Terrorism have made normal life challenging in different ways. Musa and Ferenc were forced to leave their home, employment and family. Fear for their lives as Russians approached the city of Budapest in the final Siege of Budapest and forced escapes. They went different ways on Christmas Eve. Was this a futile attempt?


In 2015 our lives are filled with fear about attacks potentially from Al Qaeda or Isis, road rage, packages stolen from doorsteps,  the neighbors who irritate, climate change and its repercussions, and numerous personal issues. What is the difference between these two periods in time?  Fear is fear, you say? Our fears today are random ones spurred on by media, and we may never have to face them personally.  All issues have importance, but we have choices whether to live in fear or not. Musa and Ferenc did not.

Musa and Ferenc in Torn Apart, have no choice except to leave or die. Hopefully, the book will be available in 2016. Awww, promises, promises…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for following us.