Living in Fear

How do you react under fearful circumstances? You (and your characters) have two main responses—fight or flight—and several gradations of each. When you are in fear of losing your life or someone about whom you care deeply the ante rises exponentially. Other less frightening situations have a different response. We are made differently. But knowing your hero/ heroine well foretells their actions.

Have you as a writer experienced a cataclysmic situation for which you froze or did the unthinkable, an action you would have never predicted? What will the behaviour of your hero and heroine or villain be when under intense horror?

Musa and Ferenc experienced fear daily. She did not bond with her only escort. Ferenc, on the other hand, traveled with his brother and men whose courage and dedication to him moving  horses up the Danube. He could depend on what his men would do, or could he? Both German and Russian soldiers were starving. Which group might find Ferenc’s barge loaded with horses and feast on their flesh. How did each of the main characters in Torn Apart handle themselves under duress?

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